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Kiljava is a typical camp in the sense that different activities are happen in different buildings and thus one will have to walk outdoors to get to places, whatever the weather. Mainly we will use the dining and kitchen building called "e;Alakämppä"e; ('lower cabin/building'), dorm/accomodation building called "e;Yläkämppä"e; ('upper cabin/building') and the big lakeside sauna. The tourneys and the archery competition will take place on the yard in front of the dining hall building.


These instructions come from the site owner and apply to all visitors to the site


Most of the accomodation space is at Kassu, the most modern building in the area. The 100 beds in Kassu have been built into alcoves with either two 2-tiered or two 3-tiered bunk beds, i.e. the alcoves are for four respectively six persons. The site owner's website has a photo of a four-person alcove, the space between the two bunk beds is about 1 metre. In the photo you can also see a bit of the storage cupboards, built nearest the doorway.
The alcoves don't have doors, just curtains in the doorway, so all of Kassu is so called quiet accomodation space
The facilities at Kassu include WCs, a few (unisex) showers and a kitchen, at least a part of which will be at participants use for example for warming up baby food.

Alakämppä (dining hall building) has a loft; this is so called noisy sleeping area. The loft is in the dining hall, above the tables, and is only accessible by climbing up a ladder.
If the accomodation space in Kassu and feast hall runs short, also Yläkämppä ('upper building', 'uphill building') is taken into use. It has long lofts or bunks and running water, but no toilet in the building. The nearest toilets are in the two other accomodation buildings.

The site has a mattress for every sleeper - also in the lofts - and the beds at Kassu also have pillows. As written in the instructions, the mattress always has to be protected with a sheet and the pillow with a pillowcase. Every sleeper also has to bring their own blanket or sleeping bag.


Rantasauna ('lakeside sauna') is located down by the lake. It has separate dressing rooms and shower rooms, but a large shared sauna with an electric sauna stove. Rantasauna (the sauna room) is mixed-sex sauna at this event.

Pikkusauna ('little sauna') is a small wood-heated sauna next to the big sauna at the lakeside. The little sauna doesn't have showers, water is heated on the stove, cold water is piped in. Little sauna is available to anyone who bothers to heat it and clean it up afterwards.

The sauna at kassu may be used if a separate ladies' sauna is required. It is a small electric sauna with two showers and a dressing room/lounge. When not used for sauna, the showers are free for all at first come, first served basis.

Getting to the site by your own car

The site is about 50 km to the north from Helsinki, and should be quite easy to find. The organisation Leirikesä ry provides us with simple driving instructions to the site, but unfortunately in Finnish only. A translation and more details will be provided upon request.

When coming from the directions of Turku, Hanko or Lahti, you should try to get yourself onto the road 25 towards Hyvinkää. Then follow the small map provided with the abovementioned instructions. Others should try to find their way onto the Helsinki-Tampere motorway (E12) and follow the smaller map from there.

Getting to the site by public transport

The Matkahuolto timetable search can be used to find connections from Helsinki central bus station (Kamppi bus terminal) to the nearest bus stop which is called Kiljavan kivi ("Rock of Kiljava"). The bus ride between Helsinki and the site takes about an hour either way.
The walk from the bus stop to site is about 1.5 kilometres, but you may get a pickup if you ask for it at least a week in advance and come with one of the buses listed below.

Bus schedule for Friday evening, August 31, buses from Helsinki bus station (Kamppi bus terminal) to the stop Kiljavan kivi:

Dep.  Gate  	Line and Route			Arr.
18:05   13      495 Helsinki - Nurmijärvi	n. 19:13
19:30   13      495 Helsinki - Nurmijärvi	n. 20:28
22:20    4      492 Helsinki - Rajamäki		n. 23:18
01:35    4      492 Helsinki - Rajamäki/Röykkä	n. 02:42
(If you plan to take the very late night bus, please warn the autocrat in advance about your late arrival time!)

Bus schedule for Saturday morning, September 1, from Helsinki to Kiljava:

Dep.  Gate  	Line and Route			Arr.
07:35   13      495 Helsinki - Nurmijärvi	n. 08:33
10:50   12      490A Helsinki - Rajamäki/Röykkä	n. 11:53
12:00   13      495 Helsinki - Nurmijärvi	n. 13:03

Bus schedule for Sunday, September 2, from Kiljavan kivi (westwards) to Helsinki:

Dep.		Line and Route			Arr.
n. 08:47        490 Nurmijärvi - Helsinki	09:55
n. 10:47        490 Nurmijärvi - Helsinki	11:55
n. 11:52        490 Nurmijärvi - Helsinki	13:00
n. 12:47	490 Nurmijärvi - Helsinki	13:55

The approximate price for the trip is about 6 euros for students, 11 euros for adults.

The nearest railway station is Hyvinkää, but there are no bus connections from there to the site. The only way to benefit from the train would be to arrange somebody to pick you up, but the organisers don't unfortunately have resources to help you with this - so if you want to come via Hyvinkää, you have to arrange for your ride yourself.