Mikael and Katariina introduce themselves

Mikael Carhu and Saarennon Katariina have been chosen by TRM to be invested as the next baron and baroness of Aarnimetsä. The Finnish version of this text was published in May baronial newsletter, where all polling candidates presented themselves. Translation by Mikael and Katariina themselves, done in May 2007 for Their Royal Majesties' benefit.

Let it be known to all the good gentles of Aarnimetsä, that we, Lord Mikael Carhu and Lady Katariina of Saarento of the fair Canton of Miehonlinna, would like to serve the Society by hereby announcing our candidacy for the next Baron and Baroness of Aarnimetsä.

Mikael CarhuI, Mikael, first partook in a SCA event at the Baronial Investitute of Celestinus A.S. XXX, and the first event that we took part together was the Baronial Investitute of Sir Edmund and Lady Uta two years later. During my ten years in the Society, I was first the Village Elder of Walkiala for a couple of years, and later three years as the Seneschal of the Canton of Miehonlinna. During the recent years, I have served as the Chatelaine of our canton. I have had the privilege of following very closely the work of our current Baron and Baroness as their Champion. In the Society I enjoy dancing, calligraphy, blacksmithing, tailoring, and cooking. Rattan fighting has been my very favourite for the last three or four years. My next bigger project will be to build a medieval pavilion for camping events.

Saarennon KatariinaI, Katariina, have been in the Society for nearly ten years. The first years I hosted meetings of our villages Walkiala and Hiidenkylä, together with Mikael, every other Sunday. I also took part in some bigger events in Aarnimetsä while sometimes also stayed at home with our four little children. Those who have children may know that sometimes life is easier at home... But, now our children have grown bigger (14, 10, 8 and 6 ), and they are all better able to enjoy the activities in the Society. During the year XLI, our family participated in the Summer Nights, the Gudgel War, the Wisby Medieval Week, the Feast of St. Homobonus and the Midwinter Feast. The most enjoyable aspects for me are the musical performances and the general festive atmosphere of the events. I also like to admire the power and chivalry of fighters on the list field.

We believe that our experience both in the Society and in our mundane life helps us to serve Aarnimetsä and honour the Crown of Drachenwald. In the SCA, we appreciate the genuineness of people, not forgetting the gently manners and the importance of taking care of each other. As baronial candidates, we do not see any need for big changes, even though, as it is, there is always room for improvement in both the feast and the court culture. All in all, we wish to continue the good work of Baron Pehr and Baroness Moira in uniting our beloved Barony of Aarnimetsä.

In our mundane lives, we both work as school teachers in the municipality of Elimäki. Kalle Salminen teaches, among other things, the basics of the SCA (in the curriculum, it is called The Medieval Workshop) to five and six graders for two hours a week. In addition to the Medieval times, his interests include the Iron Ages, and the Renaissance. Aulimarjaana Salminen teaches the second class. In her free time, she sings in an 8-person singing group and does solo singing. She also enjoys gardening and handicrafts.